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Operational Risk Management

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The Problem of Risk

Risk cannot be eliminated from the trading, processing and control cycle, for without risk there can be no profit. It follows that those companies that can most effectively control risk will be the most successful. Operational Risk is present in many different forms and small problems can quickly escalate into major losses if not prevented at source. Any effective control system must therefore be preventive as well as reactive and must cover all areas of the company’s operations.

Course Objectives

  • This unique training workshop addresses the fundamental causes of risk and provides the delegate with a simple, Systematic Control and Management Programme to achieve control.

Course Benefits

  • Find a systematic and simple way to solve your most difficult problems
  • Understand the crucial role of a responsible management philosophy in controlling risk
  • Develop the skills to provide focused information media which will provide the catalyst for effective risk control
  • Recognise the value of an experienced and well motivated Operational Risk team
  • Learn how to focus on those few important areas, rather than get bogged down with trivia

Pokok-Pokok Bahasan

  1. Defining Operational Risk
  2. The Role of Quality in Controlling and Reducing Risk
  3. The Role of Responsibility Management
  4. Organisation and Reporting Lines
  5. Systematic Control Process
  6. The BIS/BASEL Accord as it relates to Operational Risk
  7. Controlling Costs and Losses
  8. The Use of Limits as a Control Mechanism
  9. Reconciliation's, Unmatched and Investigations
  10. The Role of Management Information in Controlling Risk
  11. The Systematic Control Process Workshop
  12. Hedging to Reduce Risk
  13. Portfolio Controls
  14. Auditors: How to optimise the use of auditors as part of the control process
  15. The Role of the Middle Office in Controlling and Mitigating Risk

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